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Hello and welcome to my blog post the first of many I hope to share with my followers.

If you haven’t already guessed about my inspiration for writing Coop Chaos, then allow me to enlighten you.

Ten years ago, after a lifetime of longing for the opportunity to raise my own chickens, my brother David and I formed an awesome Coop Chaos team.  He had an allotment close to where we both lived. Having just retired he built the coop and I purchased the hens. We decided on a breed known as Warren hens and purchased ten from a local breeder. They were at an age when they would soon start to lay eggs.

Each morning before work, I went to check on the hens, clean the coop, provide fresh food and water and of course, collect the eggs. David spent a lot of time at the allotment, so was around often to enjoy the hens. He put them away safely in the coop every evening. Weekends was for the real good clean out of the coop and the fetching of hay and food. During these times I got to know the hens with their distinguishing features and their quirky behaviour.

One morning when I arrived at the allotment there was quite a commotion going on in the large fenced off compound which we used for the hens to roam around in.

To my astonishment, there was two large white Suffolk breed hens squabbling, feathers flying everywhere.

It appeared that someone had decided to abandon them with us, hoping we would provide a good home. Which of course we did.

Eventually one of them became the namesake of my husband’s own personal retirement project. On his retirement, we bought a canal boat and named it Speckled Hen.

Take a look at the image on the side of our boat, it was hand-painted from a photograph of our adopted Suffolk hen.

Book Review by Whispering Stories

A big thank you to, ‘Whispering Stories‘ blog for reviewing Coop Chaos: Morning Mystery.

You can read the full review on her blog and also on Amazon, but here is a small snippet of the review:

“The book is a whole lot of fun and includes wonderful artwork that is bright and colourful. I love that the hens were both humorous and emotional. I also loved them trying to work out what the cold white stuff falling from the sky was.”

Coop Chaos is available to purchase via

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