The Queens Platinum Jubilee.

There are so many celebrations throughout the UK in the next few weeks that it is going to be difficult to choose which ones to attend, However, my place is firmly secured for the celebrations at The Mansfield Central Library on Saturday, May 28th when I will be reading to the local children. Having a letter of endorsement from HRH The Duchess of Cornwall related to my book ‘ Morning Mystery’ has prompted me to read an extract on this very special day. From 10.30 until 3pm the day will be packed with entertainment.

Location: Four Seasons Centre, Mansfield, NG18 1NH

01623 677200

Our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration.

On the 6th of February this year, Her Majesty The Queen became the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. In recognition of this event, there will be 4 days of celebration throughout the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries.

I too am joining in with these celebrations and it is my delight to report that I have been invited to my local library in Mansfield to read my illustrated children’s book as part of the celebration of this special occasion.

On Saturday, May 28th I will be doing an interactive reading session of ‘Morning Mystery’ Book one of The Coop Chaos Series.


Four Seasons Centre
West Gate
NG18 1NH

Endorsed by The Duchess of Cornwall this delightful story is illustrated by Derek Maguire an artist and illustrator from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.

Please come and join in the celebrations.

More pictures to color.

Animal character funny chicken in line style coloring book. Children’s illustration. Vector isolated on white background for book decoration and design.

Worksheet number three.

Coop Chaos

Worksheet three.

The first story in the Coop Chaos series is called ‘Morning Mystery’

The word mystery means something strange and not understood.

Write a sentence using the word mystery.

An allotment is a small piece of land rented out to use as a garden.

Write a sentence about what you might see in a garden on a summer day.

In the story Morning Mystery, it is snowing.

What season of the year do you think it is?

Is it Spring, Summer, Autumn, or winter?

Activity sheet number two.

Coop Chaos

Worksheet number two.

Fill in the missing word.


Daisy shivered; the coop was very – – – – this morning.

Daisy shivered; the coop was very cold this morning.

  1. Poppy spread her – – – – -.
  2. White fluffy flakes fell from the – – -.
  3. Everyone was getting ——.
  4. Daisy was ——- cold.
  5. Daisy — down the ladder.






Free activity sheets to copy.

Coop Chaos.  Worksheet One.

What comes first, the chicken or the egg. (only joking)

Did you know that chickens lay different colour eggs depending on their breed?

So not just white or brown eggs or even speckled eggs. There are blue, green and even pink eggs.

Chickens understand who the boss is. Have you ever heard the saying, Pecking order? This refers to knowing who the boss is.

Chickens have good memories.

They have the ability to learn and remember.

Write a short story about a naughty chicken.

School Reading.

It is so rewarding and dare I say exciting to hear that my illustrated storybook Morning Mystery was read out in year one class and my granddaughter had the privilege to be part of the group.

Feeling one very proud Nana.

World Book Day 2022

On March 3rd children in Primary Schools across the UK are given a £1 book voucher to either put towards a book of their choice or to buy one of the available books from a collection that have been published at just £1 per copy.
The choice of books for beginner readers is as follows:
Hey Duggee: The world Book Day Badge.
Rocket Rules: Ten Little Ways to Think Big. 
Dinosaur Roar and Friends.

The choice for early readers is as follows:
Grimwood: Five Freakishly Funny Fabies.
Jemima the Pig and the 127 Acorns.
The Worst Class in the World in Danger.
My Very Silly Book of true or false.

Let us work together to encourage literacy in the next generation.
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