Forgive the play on words but I feel compelled to share with you the wonderful news that the popularity of keeping hens is on the rise and shine.

It appears that the A-List’s latest obsession is keeping hens. But wait for a second!

Move over the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Harry and Meghan, I was enjoying the crazy antics of my kooky hens well before the Cameron’s and Geri Halliwell set foot inside a coop.

In addition, just like Isabella Rossellini who wrote an entire book about her chickens I too have written about my crazy mischievous hens in my children’s illustrated book Morning Mystery.

This is the first in my Coop Chaos series which features: Daisy. Poppy, Buttercup, Lily, Bluebell, and Rose. Each little hen has a unique character, all so funny and lovable., all so funny and lovable., all so funny and lovable.

Great reviews are pouring in from the public and from Royalty alike. The Duchess of Cornwall Camilla has endorsed Coop Chaos making special mention of the wonderful illustrations from local artist Derek Maguire.

So why not join in with the new craze and purchase a copy of this delightful book. Available from the website and from Amazon.



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