Book Review. 10 Little Frogs.

Book review.

10 little frogs. Written by Jason Travis. Illustrated by Shawn M Travis.

Thank you, Henry Roi, for sending me a digital copy of Ten Little Frogs in return for an honest and open review.

This story is much more than a book for children learning to count.

The introduction to the story in the form of a rhyme, prepares the child to expect a story of adventure. Counting down from ten the story and illustrations link to space, countryside, music, arts and culture.

There is humour to keep the young readers amused. For example: Frogs riding a snake, frog cake containing flies and sky – diving for flies. All of these are beautifully illustrated to provide a talking point or for the child to flip through the book and enjoy.

The closing page leaves the reader with something to think about and for further discussion with the child.

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