A generation who will feel the continued effects of Covid.

Sadly, since the disruptions to learning as a result of Covid, many children in our schools have fallen behind with their studies. Ofsted’s report into the impact of the pandemic found that some children who were hardest hit by school closures have regressed in basic skills. Older children have fallen behind with their reading and writing skills. These findings were linked to parents who were unable to work flexibly or lacked the skills to help their children.

According to one report by the UN cultural agency 100 million more children than expected in a normal academic year have fallen behind the minimum proficiency level of reading. This is in direct correlation to the closure of schools.

Research suggests that in 2020, 460 million children experienced reading difficulties. This has now risen by a further 20%.

Improvements to the situation may take a decade to remedy, therefore we need to all pull together and help in any way we can. I have recently applied to become a reading assistant in our local school to help in the remedial classes.

Fingers crossed I am able to be of help.

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