Encouragement for our young children.

Sadly we find ourselves once again in a lockdown situation. Difficult for everyone I agree. However, lets put a positive spin on this, if only to maintain our sanity.

Are we in agreement that fresh air is beneficial?

Are we in agreement that physical activity in the fresh air is not only beneficial for our body but also our mental health.

Education is said to be the key to success. However, education does not necessarily mean formal education. Yes of course this is important and a large part of our children’s lives. But education begins in the home and outside of the home.

Recently this was once again made clear to me, when I took my regular daily walk around countryside local to my family.

We are fortunate to live in an area known as The Dukeries in the northwest of Nottinghamshire encompassing some of the county’s finest former Ducal estates. In addition to stately homes and vast Parkland, we have ancient woodland.

It is a perfect opportunity to show and tell young children about the wonders of nature. There is surely something of interest for all age ranges. The youngest of children can’t fail to be thrilled to see a squirrel running up a tree or eating seeds from a strategically placed feeding station. Woodland floors and tree canopy can be an opportunity to discuss with older children about the cycle of nature, photosynthesis and ecological impact of humans.

This is an opportunity to educate, away from school. A field trip of sorts.

Just before the recent lockdown, my husband and I visited Clumber Park where to my delight I saw some very interesting posters for young children encouraging and stimulating their imagination while exploring the wonderful outdoors.

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